Where Can You Fly?

With more than 40 aircraft in the PlaneSense fleet and the ability to access four times as many airports as similarly sized aircraft, the PlaneSense® fractional aircraft and jet programs can get you where you want to go.

The possibilities are endless with world class service to the United States, Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.  We now offer service throughout the Southwest (Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma) with the PlaneSense® fractional program without a re-positioning charge. Learn More

You will experience exceptional private flying solutions with the unique and versatile PlaneSense® fleet. PlaneSense, Inc. has been enhancing the way people fly for over 25 years while always delivering outstanding reliability, safety, service, and operations flexibility to get you closer to your final destination.

PlaneSense® pilots have brought share owners to more than 2,500 airports and have logged more than 400,000 hours while providing world class service on every flight. The PC-12 and PC-24 provide remarkable performance with cost-effective and competitive pricing, making your decision to join the PlaneSense® family the intelligent choice.

Here is a small sampling of the thousands of flights PlaneSense® share owners make each year.PlaneSense Sample Travel Map

2019 Flight Facts

9,396,278 miles flown
47,821 passengers
36,249 flight hours
2,500 pets
941 airports
48 states
34 Bahamian and Caribbean islands
13 countries

2019 PlaneSense® flight statistics.