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Video CoverFlow

  • 5:29
    Inside the PlaneSense Fractional Aircraft Ownership Program
  • 1:10
    In Uncertain Times, PlaneSense Flies You Safely
  • 1:1
    In their words: How a PlaneSense fractional share makes business sense for this business leader
  • 1:1
    In their words: Learn how a PlaneSense fractional share helps this CEO and his family
  • 1:1
    Watch a PlaneSense PC-24 Jet Take Off from Sedona, Arizona.
  • 0:47
    Watch the Pilatus PC-12’s Short Field Capabilities
  • 1:46
    Watch a PlaneSense PC-24 jet make a short field landing in Provincetown, MA.
  • 1:26
    Inside the Hangar with the PlaneSense Fleet – Timelapse video
  • 1:59
    PlaneSense At Work
  • 2:9
    The Benefits of the PlaneSense Fractional Program
  • 4:1
    A Day in the Life of the PlaneSense Fractional Program
  • 3:20
    Pilatus PC-24 Departs for Ferry Flight
  • 0:8
    PlaneSense PC24 Takeoff Stowe Vermont MVL
  • 0:14
    PlaneSense PC24 Takeoff Stowe Vermont MVL 2
  • 1:17
    PlaneSense Destinations:
  • 2:18
    Looking back: PlaneSense PC-24 Arrival Celebration
  • 0:26
    Get A 360 View of the PlaneSense PC-24 Exterior
  • 0:9
    PlaneSense PC-12 Tropical Flight
  • 0:16
    A Sunrise from the PlaneSense PC-12
  • 1:8
    PC-24 Arrival at PlaneSense One Year Ago
  • 1:1
    PlaneSense PC-24 jet Lands in Telluride, Colorado