Eight Fascinating PlaneSense Travel Stats for 2017

PlaneSense Travel Stats

The world’s first Pilatus PC-24 arrived at PlaneSense in February, and we’re still buzzing with excitement about the arrival of that aircraft. Yet for all the excitement over the new arrival, we’ve also spent a lot of time considering last year, when our pilots and our fleet did some truly remarkable things.

George Antoniadis, the CEO of PlaneSense, recently shared some fascinating facts and statistics about the company with the PlaneSense team, including the pretty astonishing statistic you’ll see in the infographic above. We’re happy to share the Planesense travel stats with you to show just how far and wide PlaneSense did travel in 2017.

PlaneSense Travel Stats

  • PlaneSense has now partnered with Pilatus for 23 years in total
  • We have purchased a total of 64 PC-12s since the plane was first unveiled, and will purchase more
  • PlaneSense traveled to 47 states in 2017, with only Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon untouched
  • In addition, PlaneSense took owners to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Central America
  • PlaneSense landed at 918 airports in 2017
  • The largest airstrip the company landed on was JFK in New York City, and the smallest was a client’s backyard
  • Last year, PlaneSense flew over nine million miles on PC-12s and Nextant jets
  • And the incredible stat at the top of this blog post!

While we can’t actually take you to the moon, we can take you where you need to go. Reach out to PlaneSense today to learn more about our fractional program!