In These Uncertain Times, PlaneSense Flies You Safely

Travel safely with PlaneSense

Now more than ever, your safety is a top priority when traveling. For 25 years, PlaneSense® has focused on getting clients to their destination safely and securely.

When the time is right we’re here and ready to fly you whenever you need us. Because we know you’ve got businesses to get back to, plans to make, opportunities to seize, the future to build. You’ve got family to see, memories to create, and lost time to make up for. Your flight may only be a fraction of time but we will get you where you need to be safely.

PlaneSense Inc., has always placed the highest priority on the safety of passengers and our staff. Routine maintenance and thorough training of all team members ensure that everyone involved in your flight travels safely. As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we have implemented multiple protocols to minimize risk so that our fractional aircraft ownership program remains a safe travel option for clients.

Highly trained pilots, expertly maintained advanced aircraft, and an unwavering commitment to provide you with a safe, clean cabin means your flight experience will be like no other. Trusted for 25 years, the PlaneSense®  program continues to offer the most intelligent solution for private flights.

Discover the PlaneSense® fractional program and learn how the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and Pilatus PC-24 jet are the perfect solution for your private flight needs.

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