Fractional Business Jet: Get Closer to Your Destination

fractional business jet view of wing

One of the greatest benefits of private flight with the PlaneSense® jet program is the ability to get closer to your destination. The exceptional short field capabilities of the Pilatus PC-24 jet are unlike any other business jet. Private flyers are able to avoid the nation’s busiest airports when needed and are able to access smaller airfields that are closer to their ultimate destination.

Choosing the right aircraft is key. Taking a business jet that requires longer runways for takeoff and landing limits the number of locations it can access. Flying on the right kind of business jet, like a Pilatus PC-24, can get you greater access and ultimately save you time by getting you closer to your destination. The PC-24 jet fleet in the PlaneSense® fractional program is able to access runways as short as 3,000 feet, a benefit not shared by most other private jets, meaning thousands more airports are available to share owners.

Avoid the Nation’s Busiest Airports

Anyone who has traveled for business knows that the nation’s business hubs are often some of the busiest airports.

Some of the nation’s busiest airports have a smaller, more efficient airport nearby that often offer lower fees, less traffic, and the ability to avoid city congestion. For example, when flying into New York City, private jet travelers find Teterboro Airport (TEB) as the better option for private flights. Located in New Jersey, business travelers can deplane, grab their bags, and have a car service waiting right for them just steps from their plane. Similarly, private flyers avoid Hartsfield–Jackson International in Atlanta, Georgia known as the world’s busiest airport by flying into one of the smaller executive airports nearby. DeKalb–Peachtree Airport (PDK) is the city’s premier private aviation airport. Although it is the second busiest airport in Georgia, it provides business jet travelers a quick and easy way to access the major business centers in Buckhead and Midtown, just 15 minutes away.

Access Vacation Destinations on Your Schedule

Leisure travelers also see enormous benefit, especially when accessing remote vacation destinations.

Making the most of your downtime means getting to your destination faster and on your schedule. The PC-24 jet is a great way to access the Caribbean, a remote lake house in the mountains, or your favorite ski destination without relying on the busy commercial hubs that are often hours away from your favorite vacation spot.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Business jets are among the most flexible travel options today. Travelers have the ability to choose the time they wish to leave, have access to more airports closer to their destination, and can often be home in time for dinner. Get closer to that important meeting by flying into the airport closest to your client, whether it’s a big commercial hub or a small private field. Travel by jet can offer a significant savings in time and the benefit of increased productivity for the entire team.

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