What Are the Advantages of Fractional Jet Ownership?

Fractional Jet Ownership

Frequent travelers often face the delays, cancellations, and overall frustration with the time-consuming process of commercial flight. The convenience of owning a private jet is appealing, but many travelers don’t have the time or energy to be responsible for whole jet ownership, to say nothing of the costs.

Nearly 25 years ago, PlaneSense, Inc. came up with a solution to this dilemma with a cost-effective fractional jet ownership program.

The numerous benefits of fractional ownership are not limited to the incredible speed, affordability, reliability, and convenience of owning a share in one jet while leveraging a fleet. You can enjoy the private jet experience without the stress of owning a whole aircraft. If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few reasons the PlaneSense® fractional jet ownership program is a leader in the industry.


The perks of flying private are undeniable – time savings, comfort, and convenience. However, private jet ownership is an expensive venture, especially because owners must cover the costs of maintenance, services, staffing, crews, and much more. Fractional Ownership allows travelers to experience the luxury of private flights without the significant responsibility of private ownership. Costs and fees associated with Fractional Ownership are always accessible and transparent. On top of that, you’ll never have to worry about hiring staff, pilots, or paying for maintenance on your jet.

Fractional Jet Ownership is an excellent way to experience the luxury of flying privately while still saving money. Plus, you’ll enjoy the ability to access airports that airlines don’t serve.


At PlaneSense®, we strive to bring you peace of mind in every aspect of your travel experience. All of our pilots are highly trained and skilled professionals who will ensure you get to your destination safely and on time. Our expert staff also cares for every jet, handling servicing and maintenance. In order to make Fractional Ownership as simple and stress-free as possible, we take care of all the details, big and small. We’re certain that you’ll be impressed with the reliability of our Fractional Jet Ownership program.


With the PlaneSense® Fractional Jet Ownership program, you have the freedom to schedule a flight when and where you need it, with as little as eight hours’ notice. You’ll never find yourself trapped for hours on the tarmac while a flight is delayed, causing you to miss your connection. You’ll also never have to contend with the chaos at TSA security lines. Fractional ownership will allow you to save valuable time on each and every flight, which gives you more time for your business, your family, and your life.


Need to get some paperwork done during your trip? With large, quiet cabins, PlaneSense® jets are the perfect place to get work done while on your way to a business meeting, or conduct a business meeting during your flight. You’ll land at your destination ready and prepared to do business.

These are just a few of the advantages available to you when you own a share in our fractional jet program. Learn how you can save time, money, and stress with PlaneSense by contacting us today!