The Importance of Private Flight for Business

PlaneSense PC-12 flying over Boston.

Successful companies need to remain nimble – able to respond to clients in a timely manner, and make the most of the team’s time. Fractional aircraft ownership is a valuable tool that allows companies to do just that and be present to meet clients’ needs. As Jack Falvey outlines in a recent Union-Leader article, being present for business meetings is one of the best ways to grow trust. Yes, the internet makes it easier and easier to join your colleagues remotely, but private business travel makes it easier to put your best foot forward in person.

Having access to a fractional aircraft fleet offers much more flexibility when traveling. It means being able to schedule travel to fit the schedules of your company or clients. You’ll save time by avoiding security lines at airports, commercial airline delays, long drives to airport hubs, and more. If you’re a business owner who oversees many franchises or worksites, imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could travel to multiple sites in less time. What might typically be a week-long trip on commercial airlines could easily be accomplished in just a few days.

With the PlaneSense® fractional program, you are not only able to schedule travel to fit your life, but you can also get closer to your destination. Our fleet of Pilatus aircraft can access thousands of local and executive airports that others can’t, which means you get more time with your clients and colleagues. It also means that you can have more time at home with your family.

While the benefits of fractional ownership will vary from traveler to traveler, one thing is certain: the convenience of private flight in any aspect of your life is unparalleled.