The PlaneSense® Fractional Aircraft Ownership Program

PlaneSense CEO George Antoniadis in his office

Travelers looking for an efficient and effective way to fly often choose a fractional aircraft ownership program, which allows them flexible private flight solutions customized to their travel needs. Share owners have the benefit of traveling on their own schedules, unlike commercial travel. There are no hidden fees that are often associated with jet card or charter travel.

With 25 years of experience in the fractional aviation industry, the PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership program has become known for its reliability, responsible price point, world class service, and versatile fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and PC-24 jets. Fractional ownership provides a unique and customizable option for private flights, whether it be for business or leisure travel.

In 2019, PlaneSense® share owners touched down in over 900 destinations, ranging from major commercial hubs to small grass airstrips. The versatility of the PlaneSense® fleet enables clients to get closer to their final destination, saving them valuable time. The company’s laser focus on service ensures that PlaneSense® share owners have the best possible experience, from their first contact with the Flight Operations Center to their last step off the runway when they get to their destination.

In the video below, PlaneSense President and CEO George Antoniadis–who was recently featured in Chief Executive magazine–outlines the history of the company he founded and details why fractional shares are a valuable solution to those seeking private jet travel.