PlaneSense Travel Stats: We Traveled To Nearly 1,000 Airports In 2017

PlaneSense Travel Statistics

Commercial travel leaves very little room for the power of choice. If you want options, investing in fractional ownership will open the door to countless possibilities. Private aviation broadens the selection of destinations where we can land our planes, whether that be a remote runway or a major airport, making it easier and faster for fliers to get as close as possible to their final destination. 

In 2017, PlaneSense flew passengers into 918 unique airports, ranging from remote destinations to metropolitan commercial hubs. Thanks to the superior takeoff and landing capabilities of our fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and our jets, fractional owners are in control when it comes to choosing their destination.

PlaneSense passengers can choose to fly within the continental U.S., Canada, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Islands of the Caribbean. With the around-the-clock support of our Flight Operations team, all you need to do is place a flight request, choose an airport, and our crew will fly you to your desired location—no need to worry about the inescapable air and ground traffic congestion that accompanies commercial flight.

With private aviation, a passenger isn’t just another cog in the machine. Contact us today to start taking control of your itinerary and enjoying the many benefits of fractional ownership—you deserve it. Where to next?