Retaining Top Talent: Why PlaneSense Pilots Choose to Fly with the Company and Stay

As a pilot for the PlaneSense® program, you’ll travel to some incredible places. From the majestic peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean, your PlaneSense® career will take you to some of the most unique destinations and airports of all sizes. The PlaneSense® program has earned a reputation for its unparalleled service, unwavering dedication to safety and dependability, and for being an exceptional employer that values its Flight Operations team. While some pilots strive to eventually fly for the airlines, being a corporate pilot with PlaneSense certainly has its perks when it comes to schedule and lifestyle. It is not surprising that more than 240 pilots currently choose to fly with the PlaneSense® program and here’s why:

Top Notch Training

PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive internal training and expertise. The company developed its own internal training program that provides consistent and thorough instruction to all pilots prior to flying clients. This includes safe operation of the aircraft, customer service, and safety protocols. Simulator training on the company’s specialized technology and at FlightSafety International ensures the pilots are well-versed on the operation of the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 jet. Training doesn’t end with their initial ground school. Every pilot in the company takes part in annual recurrent training throughout their tenure with the program. PlaneSense, Inc. continues to develop its training program with new technologies and protocols to ensure that its pilots are among the highest quality.

Competitive Pay

In recent years, PlaneSense, Inc. has implemented enhanced compensation packages, including competitive salaries and overtime pay, daily bonus pay incentives, and PIC retention bonuses. Qualified First Officers may even be eligible for PIC pay rates following successful upgrade evaluations.


PlaneSense, Inc. understands the importance of maintaining a well-balanced work and personal life, so the company kept this in mind while creating their pilot schedule. The company solicited feedback from its pilots and switched to a work schedule of 7 days on duty and 7 days off. Many pilots consider this schedule to be a perfect balance of work and home life, which keeps them flying high, both in the air and in life! The vacation time for pilots is also considered a benefit. Pilots receive one vacation after their first year, two vacations after five years, or when they upgrade to Captain, three vacations after 10 years, and four vacations after 15 years. This gives them a 21-day break for each vacation period. Their schedules are planned a year in advance, which enables them to proactively plan for the future.

Live Almost Anywhere in the U.S.

Understanding that where one lives is an important part to feeling fulfilled in a career, PlaneSense, Inc. has a large number of pilot reporting bases around the U.S., which continues to grow each year. Pilots are able to choose from more than 40 reporting bases, so they can easily work closer to their family and loved ones. There is no bidding for a base, therefore, there is no commuting involved. Whichever reporting base a pilot chooses is the base they get. The list of locations continues to grow, with reporting bases recently added on the West Coast.


If you love flying, you’ll love PlaneSense! No two days are alike when flying for the fractional program. A crews’ daily schedule is often packed with adventure, possibly starting the day in a tropical location, and ending in a winter wonderland. The day can involve large metro airports, airfields tucked away in the mountains, ranch locations, grass airfields, and remote islands. Each day presents new unique challenges and opportunities to explore destinations, rather than fly the same routes day in and day out. PC-24 Captain Kelsey Ten Hoeve says, “I would not have had this type of experience anywhere else.”

When there’s down time “on the road,” PlaneSense® pilots often take the opportunity to explore the area. They may decide to hop in their company-provided rental car and explore national parks, hiking trails, or fun oceanside activities.

Quality of Life

Being a pilot can be a challenging profession, however, PlaneSense, Inc. is committed to providing its pilots with an exceptional quality of life. The company places great emphasis on the safety, wellness, and overall happiness of every pilot, taking great pride in going the extra mile to ensure pilots feel appreciated and supported, not just while flying, but also in their personal lives. There have been numerous instances where pilots have faced family emergencies back at home while they’re flying clients, such as the pending arrival of a new child. Without hesitation, PlaneSense, Inc. has made it possible for them to immediately return home. It’s a comforting thought, knowing that in times of need, they can rely on their employer to help them navigate the happy moments and turbulences of life.

Rest Policy

Sufficient rest is essential for flight crews to effectively plan and execute their flight operations, while remaining alert and prepared to address any unforeseen weather conditions, diversions, mechanical issues, or emergency situations. To mitigate the risk of pilot fatigue, PlaneSense has implemented a rest and duty policy that exceeds the standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This policy ensures that both pilots and PlaneSense share owners can feel confident about the safety of their journey. Pilots who feel fatigued know their concerns will be listened to and quickly addressed.

 Opportunities for Career Advancement

PlaneSense® pilots have many opportunities for career advancement, again, based on merit, not seniority. These include upgrading to Captain and becoming an Instructor Pilot or Check Airman. Upgrades to the PC-24 jet program is based on both merit and PC-12 Captain seniority.

State-of-the-art Aircraft

The Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and PC-24 jets aren’t just two of the most sought after aircraft by private flyers – they’re also a favorite of pilots. Both are well known for their Swiss quality, reliability, safety features, technology, and ability to access shorter runways than comparable aircraft. For pilots, they’re fun and safe to fly. The average age of the PlaneSense® fleet is 4.5 years, meaning the pilots have access to the most advanced technology. The aircraft are also well-maintained by the expert team of maintenance technicians who oversee the PlaneSense® fleet. The highly trained technicians are well versed in safety, general maintenance, inspections, avionics, and more, so pilots and clients can be assured their aircraft are safe.

PlaneSense Fleet

Company Culture and Supportive Teams

Job satisfaction is important, as is company culture. PlaneSense, Inc. has long held culture important, preferring that staff feel they are not just a number. The ability to share ideas, raise concerns, feel respected, and know the company has safety as its highest priority are traits that PlaneSense® pilots have noted as their reasons for choosing and staying with the company.


PlaneSense pilots fly with confidence, knowing that they have a dedicated team of operations staff supporting them every step of the way. From the moment the plane takes off to the moment it touches down, the pilots can trust that their colleagues on the ground are readily available to answer any questions or provide guidance. With this incredible support system in place, all crews can rely on the expertise of their colleagues and recognize that they are part of a cohesive team that is committed to ensuring the safety and success of every flight.

Special Perks

For all their hard work, PlaneSense® pilots are rewarded with a number of perks. In addition to competitive salaries and overtime pay, their 7/7 schedule, and bonus incentives, PlaneSense® pilots keep all their hotel, airline, and rental car points. They’re provided with car rentals at most overnight locations, crew meals, and Known Crew Member (KCM) enrollment if eligible. Generous medical, dental, and 401k benefits are also available.

PlaneSense® pilots come from varying backgrounds and experience, including those who have been flying for several years to those who have retired after long careers flying for the military or commercial airlines. One thing they all have in common is a strong commitment to safety, the desire to provide exceptional customer service, and a passion for flying. The PlaneSense® program provides an excellent career opportunity for corporate pilots across the U.S. and its ranks continue to grow due to the benefits and perks provided to the crews that fly the PlaneSense® fleet.

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