Take Your Career to New Heights as a PlaneSense PC-12 Pilot!

There’s no end to the amazing places you’ll fly as a pilot for the PlaneSense® fractional program! No two days are ever alike: you could wake up in the Bahamas and end your day in Canada. Or soar above California and the Western U.S. From large city hubs to private islands to grass airfields and everything in between, a career as a PlaneSense® PC-12 First Officer and Direct Entry Captain will take you to exciting destinations. The PlaneSense® program serves the U.S, Canada, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

NEW for 2022!

PC-12 First Officers and Direct Entry Captains enjoy newly enhanced compensation, benefits, and quality of life perks! Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
    • Industry-leading base salaries and overtime pay with additional daily bonus pay incentives
    • PIC retention bonuses
    • Experienced First Officers eligible for PIC pay rates upon successful upgrade evaluations
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • PlaneSense crew members are eligible for KCM enrollment
  • Choose from over 41 reporting bases across the U.S.
  • Captain upgrade incentives
  • Company rest/duty limitations that exceed FAA regulatory minimums (12hrs minimum rest/12hrs max duty)
  • Career path to jet operations
  • Car rentals provided at overnights
  • Keep all of your hotel, airline, and car rental points

Learn more about all the PlaneSense benefits for pilots here.

Coming 2023!

PlaneSense, Inc. will pay 100% of medical and dental premiums for all PlaneSense® pilots as of January 1, 2023!


We’re looking for highly qualified PC-12 pilots with 1000TT or more and Direct Entry Captains with 1600TT to provide world class service to PlaneSense clients. Review all the required qualifications here:

First Officer

Direct Entry Captain

Meet the Recruiters

Interested in learning more? Meet the recruiting team and learn more about your future as a PlaneSense PC-12 pilot at upcoming recruiting events.


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