Seven Reasons Why the PC-24 Wins Over the Hearts of Phenom 300 Flyers

Seven Reasons Why the PC-24 Wins Over the Hearts of Phenom 300 Flyers

In the five years since the Pilatus PC-24 jet first joined the PlaneSense® fleet, it has become one of the most sought-after light jets by business and leisure travelers alike. Here are seven reasons you’ll love owning a share in this state-of-the-art jet over other jets:

1. You can fly NOW. Simply put, limited jet shares are available now without restrictions. Fly right away!

2. Room to breathe. At 501 cubic square feet, the PC-24 cabin is 54 percent larger than the Phenom 300 cabin. The light-filled cabin offers more headroom, legroom, and personal space. You’ll love the spaciousness from the moment you step inside.

3. The best seat is every seat. With eight luxurious, executive style seats instead of seven, no one will end up relegated to a belted lavatory seat or awkward bench. Swivel and recline forward seats for maximum comfort or set up in a club car formation for conversation or business meetings. Even the tallest passenger will find the jet’s ample seats make for a more comfortable flight.

4. Go where no business jet has gone before. The PC-24 jet can land on runways as short as 3,000 feet, unheard of for jets of similar size. The super light jet’s incredible landing capabilities make it possible to access remote runways and metro hubs alike, getting you closer to your destination than the Phenom 300.

5. Fido-approved floor. The PC-24 jet has a flat floor that allows your dog to stretch its legs comfortably, unlike the drop floor design of the Phenom and many other jets. Drop floors can be cumbersome to pets and people.

6. Your Shaving Cream Won’t Freeze. The PC-24 jet features 50 cubic feet of interior cargo storage. It’s accessible during flight, and pressure controlled. That means there’s no risk of your personal belongings freezing in the smaller external cargo area of the Phenom.

7. Fly NOW. It bears repeating – with limited shares available now, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort of the unique PC-24 without any restrictions.

To start your PC-24 experience and learn more about the advantages of the PlaneSense® fractional jet program, contact us today.

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