State-of-the-Art Fleet Allows Access to Four Times More Airports

PlaneSense PC-12 flies over Massachussets for private travel

The ability to fly privately makes travel much easier and adds convenience not realized by commercial air travel. However, not all private aircraft are created equal. If you have to fight traffic and long commutes to get to the airport that your private aircraft can access, much of the convenience of private travel is lost. Share owners in the PlaneSense® fractional program can avoid this challenge thanks to the remarkable landing capabilities of the Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and Pilatus PC-24 jets that make up the program’s large fleet.

The PC-12 is able to access runways as short as 2,000’, including grass, dirt, and crushed coral. The PC-24 jet is able to access runways as short as 3,000’, meaning it can fly to airports that most aircraft its size are unable to access. Combined with large, comfortable cabins and interior cargo space accessible during flight, the PlaneSense® fleet allows private travel flyers to get closer to their destinations while enjoying a luxurious flight aboard state-of-the-art aircraft.

Fly on Your Schedule

Here’s an example of how the ability to reach four times more airports than comparable aircraft benefits private flyers in one community north of Boston… Read more.