The Next Two PlaneSense PC-24 Jets on Production Line

Production of the next two PlaneSense® PC-24 jets is well underway at the Pilatus factory in Stans, Switzerland. What will become N125AF is pictured above. PlaneSense, Inc. expects to take delivery of the new PC-24s in the first quarter of 2019. This will bring the number of PC-24s in the PlaneSense fractional jet program to three, representing half of the total six on order. Also in production is a new PC-12. Serial number 1835 will become N835AF when it joins the PlaneSense® fleet in late 2018. With three aircraft currently in production, and several more on order, the PlaneSense® fleet continues to quickly expand.

PlaneSense PC-24 under construction.

Pictured above, what will become N126AF, the third PC-24 jet to join the PlaneSense® fractional jet program in 2019.


PlaneSense PC-12 on the production line in Switzerland.

Expected for delivery in late 2018, the next PlaneSense PC-12 takes shape on the production line in Switzerland.


PlaneSense PC-24 jets on production line.

The next PlaneSense PC-24 jet for delivery sits in the foreground in the production hangar at the Pilatus factory. The third PC-24 to join the fleet sits in the far background in the photo above.

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