Unexpected Comfort in a Light Jet – The Amazing PC-24 Jet Offers a Superior Flight Experience

Flying aboard a private jet evokes images of luxury and superior comfort. When thinking of the more affordable light jets, however, one may expect to find a small, confining cabin. Not so with the PlaneSense® fleet of Pilatus PC-24 jets. Many are surprised to step aboard and find a remarkably large cabin. In fact, at 501 cubic feet, the PC-24 has one of the largest cabins in the light jet category. Even the tallest of passengers can sit comfortably with plenty of head and legroom for maximum comfort throughout their flight.

The comfort doesn’t end with the large cabin. The PC-24 features executive-style seats that fully recline and swivel. Covered in soft leather, they add a touch of luxury to the flight. Large windows fill the cabins with light by day, and at night, passengers have full control of all the aircraft climate system, including temperature and lighting via their phones or the iPad included on each aircraft.

Amenities include a catering galley, soon to be included on all the PlaneSense® jets. Hot coffee, cold beverages, a selection of cocktail mixers, and a variety of snacks are available on all flights. Plus, full texting and internet access are easily accessible on all jet flights via the onboard WiFi.

Every small detail has been well thought out on the PC-24, even for the pets that fly privately with their human companions. Dogs, especially, find that the flat floor provides ultimate comfort during flights. Unlike the dropped aisle configuration in most aircraft, the flat floors allow dogs to stretch, often helping them to remain calmer and more relaxed en route to their destination.

Explore the PC-24 cabin in this virtual 360° tour. To learn more about a fractional share in your very own PC-24 jet, contact us today.

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