The PlaneSense® Fleet is Perfect for Pets

Private aviation is an ideal solution for travelers looking to avoid commercial flights, save time, and reach more airports. The PlaneSense® fleet provides its share owners exceptionally spacious and comfortable cabins, reliability, and world class service. But human passengers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the PlaneSense® fleet. Many four-legged passengers approve of the aircraft as well!

On commercial aircraft, pets are often relegated to long flights in crates in the cargo hold or under seats in the cabin. It can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience. Private aviation often provides a better experience for furry flyers. But not all private aircraft are alike. Pets on the PlaneSense® fleet are treated to much more comfortable flights. It starts with the flat floor found in both the Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and PC-24 jets. Some private aircraft have drop floors, where the seats sit up higher, and the walkway aisle drops low. Dogs often find this layout less comfortable because they can’t stretch out. They may also feel the vibrations of the aircraft more. The flat floors of the PlaneSense® fleet allows dogs to stretch out comfortably, as if they’re at home, easing their anxiety and allowing for a better flight. If they prefer to curl up in a seat and look out the window, there are six, large comfortable seats from which to choose. If they prefer to be crated, the large, internal cargo area is climate controlled and accessible during flight.

Since its inception in 1995, the PlaneSense® program has focused on providing top notch service to all its share owners and passengers. This has included countless dogs, cats, rabbits, and even prized chickens who have joined their owners for flights. In 2021, more than 2,528 PlaneSense® flights had one or more pets onboard. In fact, a total of 3,696 pets flew on the fleet that year, a 21% increase over 2019. PlaneSense pets have flown with their families to their vacation homes in California, ski weekends in Colorado, beach getaways in Nantucket, and to private islands in the Bahamas just to name a few.

If you’re considering private flights for your family, the PlaneSense® program understands your pets are an extension of your family and our crews will ensure they are just as comfortable. Whether a turboprop or private jet, your dog will be pampered on its flight, maybe even getting a special treat for being a good boy.

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