Who Flies Fractional: Golfers

Private flight for golf

The U.S. is home to more than 15,500 golf courses, more than any other country and a testament to the allure of the sport that seems to grow in popularity every year. In 2020 alone, nearly 25 million people played golf on a U.S. course. From small community greens to exclusive championship clubs, there’s no end to the selections one has across the country. It may be tough to narrow down where to play, but how to get there is an easier decision. Whether your favorite course is on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, the PlaneSense® fractional aircraft ownership program makes it easier than ever to enjoy 18 holes anytime you desire a golf getaway.

The PlaneSense® fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and PC-24 jets are uniquely designed to access smaller airfields, making it possible to get closer to your favorite golf resort than most any other aircraft. Whether the course is located in a metro area or is tucked away in a more remote destination, PlaneSense® share owners can avoid the delays of commercial airlines or long car rides to find themselves on the first tee in no time at all. Take Florida’s Ocean Reef Club (07FA), for example. Not only does the Sunshine State have more golf courses than any other state, but residents of this exclusive community in Key Largo have two championship golf courses to enjoy. The picturesque fairways that run alongside the community’s private runway practically invite private flyers to jump off their PC-24 jet and immediately enter the course for a quick round.

A Pilatus PC-24 arriving at Ocean Reef Golf Course

A PlaneSense PC-24 jet taxis along one of Ocean Reef’s championship golf courses after landing at the exclusive community’s airfield in Key Largo, Florida.

Torrey Pines, one of the nation’s foremost municipal golf course, is located just 20 minutes from all airports in the San Diego area including Carlsbad Airport (KCRQ), San Diego International Airport (KSAN), Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport (KMRY) and Gillespie Field (KSEE). No matter which airport PlaneSense® share owners choose in this metro area, they’re very close to this stunning course overlooking the beaches and cliffs of La Jolla. If the Links at Spanish Bay and Pebble Beach Golf Course are more your style, it’s just a five-minute drive from Monterey Regional Airport (KMRY), a small airfield in the 17-mile loop of Pebble Beach that is easily accessible by the PC-12.

Aside from the ability to access amazing courses all over the country, the PlaneSense® fleet offers golfers another amenity not available in many similarly sized aircraft: ample interior storage for your prized clubs. The PC-12 features 40 cubic feet of cargo storage, while the PC-24 jet provides 50 cubic feet, plenty of room for multiple sets of clubs. While your gear is safely tucked away, your foursome can relax in the exceptionally large cabins of either aircraft. With 330 cubic feet in the PC-12 and 500 cubic feet in the PC-24, even the tallest of passengers can stretch out and experience a comfortable flight in the executive style seating.

Loading golf clubs in Pilatus PC-12 plane

The sport of golf is steeped in history, with origins tracing back centuries to Scotland. The traditions founded so long ago are still held close and respected by those playing on today’s modern courses. The PlaneSense® program may have been founded a bit later than the 15th century, but the program has been widely trusted by private flyers for nearly three decades, recognized for its service, versatility, responsible pricing, quality, and value.

While there’s only a 12,500 to one chance you’ll make a hole-in-one on your favorite course, there’s a 100% chance that the PlaneSense® program is the best private flight option for your golf weekend getaways. If you’re one of the 52 million people around the world who travel to play golf each year, a fractional share may make your travel easier than ever and get you closer to your favorite courses. Learn more about a private flight for golf by contacting us today at 866-214-1212.


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