Keeping You Safe

Quality and safety have been the highest priority for operations at PlaneSense, Inc. since the company’s inception in 1995. This uncompromising commitment to the safety of clients, partners, the public, staff, and aircraft is addressed in every aspect of the company on a daily basis. All aspects of flight operations, maintenance, and training are managed by PlaneSense, Inc. to ensure the highest of quality and safety throughout the company.

Recognized for Safety

PlaneSense, Inc.’s commitment to safety is further demonstrated through its participation in voluntary external safety audits. Successful completion of these audits affirms its positive safety culture, alignment with industry best-practices, and a commitment to continuous improvement. PlaneSense is ARGUS Platinum Elite rated and is an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registered company.

Operational Experience

PlaneSense, Inc. manages one of the world’s largest commercial fleets of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft and one of the largest fleets of Pilatus PC-24 jets. This means that PlaneSense, Inc. has more operational experience with these aircraft than most operators.


Highly Trained Pilots

PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive training and expertise. Unlike some private flight providers, PlaneSense® pilots are staff of the company, not a third-party vendor. All training is overseen by PlaneSense, Inc. so the quality of training is consistent and thorough. All pilots in the program attend ground school training prior to flying clients. This includes instruction with MissionFit™, a simulator training device developed by PlaneSense, Inc. with FlightSafety International. Pilots then take part in full-motion simulator training at FlightSafety International’s facility in Dallas, Texas. Pilots take part in annual recurrent training throughout their tenure with the program.

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Expertly Maintained Aircraft

Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. is a sister company of PlaneSense, Inc. and oversees all maintenance of the PlaneSense® fleet. Maintenance Technicians attend Pilatus, Williams, and Pratt & Whitney factory schools, and also follow a rigorous in-house training program. The maintenance team averages 2,263 training hours each year. This focus allows technicians to have the highest level of expertise in the Pilatus aircraft. Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. has received the FAA Diamond Award for Excellence every year since 2002. Atlas also received the Avionics Training Excellence Award from the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA), a recognition it has received annually for many years.

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All aircraft, maintenance, pilots, owner services and operations are in-house, not subcontracted. This ensures you are provided with flights, when and where you need them, highly trained pilots, safe and reliable aircraft, flexibility, and exceptional customer service at a competitive cost, saving you valuable time and money.


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