14 Reasons Why the Pilatus PC-12 in the PlaneSense® Fractional Program is So Desired

When asked what single engine turboprop they most wished to be able to fly, private flyers have overwhelmingly named the Pilatus PC-12 as their choice year after year in Business Jet Traveler’s annual survey. This comes to no surprise to anyone at the PlaneSense® program, where fractional share owners have been seeking the reliability, comfort, and versatility of the PC-12 since 1995. Since that time, the program has taken delivery of more than 77 PC-12s, more than any other organization in the world, flying each for roughly ten years before selling them out of the fleet. But what is it that makes the PC-12 so popular? Here are 14 reasons PlaneSense® share owners love the PC-12:

1 – Exceptional comfort
With a cabin size of 330 cubic square feet, the Pilatus PC-12 provides ample headroom and legroom to stretch out and relax. The light-filled cabin offers six executive style seats that offer the best views of the landscape below. Catering and an onboard lav ensure all your needs are met in flight.

2 – Dog approved!
While you enjoy the spacious cabin of the PC-12, your dog will have no trouble relaxing on the flat floor! In fact, most dogs prefer the flat floor of the PC-12 over the drop floors of other aircraft because they’re able to stretch out and move around more easily. More than 3,690 pets flew on the PlaneSense® fleet in 2021, including dogs of all sizes, cats, and rabbits!

3 – Your luggage won’t freeze!
No other aircraft can match the internal cargo size of the PC-12! You can fit quite a few golf clubs in the 40 cubic feet of cargo space. Forgot your laptop in your luggage? You can access it from inside the cabin during flight. Since it’s climate controlled, there’s no risk of your items freezing like they would in the external cargo of other aircraft.

4 – Stay connected with Wi-Fi!
Never miss another text or email during your flight as all PlaneSense® PC-12s are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi technology from Go-Go. Functional over 3,000’, you’ll stay connected during your trip.

5 – Short Runway? No problem!
One of the best features of the PC-12 is its ability to land on short runways, even ones made of dirt and grass. Despite all its luxurious features, the PC-12 is robust, and is well known for its Swiss craftmanship to gently land on many different surfaces. You’ll be able access short runways on small islands in the Bahamas, get closer to your favorite ski area or vineyard, and land on a private Montana ranch’s airstrip with ease. The PC-12 is equally at home at the largest of metro airports as well!

6 – Like landing on a cloud
PlaneSense® share owners have often mentioned they didn’t even realize they had arrived at their airport because the landing was so smooth. While the expert, highly-trained pilots are partly responsible, the specialized landing gear plays a role as well. The trailing link landing gear is specially designed for comfortable landings on all types of surfaces whether it’s crushed coral or asphalt.

7 – It’s ok to be single
Outfitted with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine, the Pilatus PC-12 is widely recognized for its safety and mechanical reliability. Each engine is equipped with technology that continuously monitors engine performance, alerting maintenance teams to potential issues long before they are a concern. More than 47,500 of the PT6 turboprop aircraft engines have been produced by the manufacturer and have logged over 400 million flight hours.

8 – Reliability
The Pilatus PC-12 is recognized for its solid reliability when it comes to craftmanship and performance, but the PlaneSense® program is equally known for its reliability in meeting the flight needs of its share owners. Combined, the PC-12 and the PlaneSense® fractional program offer unparalleled reliability for private flights.

9 – Expertly maintained
An important factor in the PlaneSense® PC-12’s reliability is the expert maintenance that goes into the entire fleet. Nearly all maintenance is performed by Atlas Aircraft Center, the maintenance arm of the PlaneSense® program, which services the PlaneSense® fleet. This allows for the highest level of quality control and operational expertise. Maintenance and Avionics technicians attend all manufacturer schools, and the entire team undergoes an average of 2,400 hours of collective training each year.

10 – Pilots love it as much as the passengers
The PC-12 cockpit offers the latest and most advanced technology from Honeywell Systems. The PlaneSense® program has ensured that its pilots have all the features necessary for safe and consistent operation of the aircraft. But technology aside, we hear from many of our pilots that the PC-12 is just fun to fly. When pilots enjoy an aircraft’s ingenuity and exceptional performance, there’s no doubt the passengers will as well.

11 – Keeps the peace
Thanks to its specialized engine and prop blades, the PC-12 operates more quietly than many other aircraft, meaning peace and quiet won’t be wildly disrupted on approach. Plus, PlaneSense® pilots always operate with the utmost skill, respect, and consideration for all those in their surrounding air space.

12 – It’s good for business
When time is your most valuable asset, a share in a PlaneSense® PC-12 can make a difference. Whether you need to get to that critical client meeting in San Francisco, or back to your vacation home in Nantucket in time for dinner there is no better option for keeping you on schedule. Your executives can hammer out a deal during their flight, and a weeklong business trip can be condensed into just a couple of days with the ability to land at airports closer to your facilities than ever before.

13 – Value
When it comes to making an investment in your business and your family, the Pilatus PC-12 and the PlaneSense® program is second to none. An aircraft that holds its residual value and offers numerous capabilities paired with a fractional program recognized for its world class service and operational expertise is an invaluable opportunity for private flyers across the U.S.

14 – Safety
Already known as one of the safest aircraft available, the Pilatus PC-12 is further bolstered by the PlaneSense® program’s uncompromising commitment to quality and safety since its inception in 1995. The safety of clients, partners, the public, staff, and aircraft are addressed in every aspect of the company every day. The program is also recognized with an ARGUS Platinum rating and it is an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registered company.

Simply put, the Pilatus PC-12 makes it easy to provide World Class Service to PlaneSense® share owners as they travel across the U.S., Canada, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. Known by its blue and white livery, beloved for its endless capabilities, the PlaneSense® PC-12 fleet continues to be highly sought after by private flyers across the U.S. To learn how the PlaneSense® program can meet your flight needs with its PC-12 fleet, contact us today 866-214-1212 or sales@planesense.com.

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