The Best Option for Flying Privately

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Time is a hot commodity for anyone running a business. For those that frequently travel for work, traffic and long lines at crowded airports can eat up time that could be spent focusing on the day-to-day operations of running a company. Business owners, board members, and managing partners that have switched to fractional aircraft ownership love the freedom and flexibility of private travel without the complications and expense of whole aircraft ownership. With The PlaneSense® fractional jet ownership program, executives can customize their travel schedules, fly out of private terminals without security lines, and access the airports closest to their final destinations.

Customize Corporate Travel

For a business owner or entrepreneur, travel needs may come up at any moment, so the ability to customize a trip on-demand is essential. With the PlaneSense® program, share owners can fly when and where they need to on their own schedule. CEOs and corporate teams do not need to arrive at the airport hours in advance to check in and go through security. They can instead arrive minutes before takeoff and soon be on their way. Share owners never have to worry about getting stranded due to a mechanical issue or a canceled flight because when they buy a share, they get access to the entire fleet of PlaneSense® aircraft. The PlaneSense® program maintains its entire fleet with its award-winning, highly trained maintenance team, ensuring that each aircraft has been meticulously cleaned and has been expertly maintained. There are also no restrictions about who can fly using a share, no blackout dates, and no required takeoff windows to get in the way of travel.

The Flight Operations Center is available to share owners 24/7, 365 days a year. The PlaneSense® team can also plan custom routes to maximize efficiency and find the closest airport to any destination, saving busy travelers time, and sparing them from the chore of coordinating flights.

Executives can effortlessly hold meetings and entertain clients while enroute to their destination, optimizing productivity and efficiency. Wi-Fi capabilities in flight makes it possible to take calls, review documents, and answer emails while enjoying the comfortable and spacious cabin.

Get Closer with the PlaneSense® Program

One of the greatest benefits of private flight with the PlaneSense® program is the ability to get closer to one’s destination. The exceptional short-field capabilities of the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 make them perfect for those that need to get to remote locations quickly. The fractional ownership program would be excellent for a ranch owner on remote land who is tired of driving hours to get to a major airport for business trips. Ranchers can gain back hours of driving time by utilizing private travel to land on an airstrip on their property or at a small airport close to their estate.

Fractional ownership can also be a benefit for the franchise owner that needs to travel between multiple sites. Instead of long, arduous trips maneuvering commercial flights, fractional aircraft share owners can visit numerous locations or worksites in a single day, or easily condense a trip that

might normally take a week into just several days. Corporate travelers can conduct business and fly off to their next location right away, making it possible for them to get home at the end of their day to enjoy dinner with their family.

The Right Fit for Any Business

Fractional ownership can be the most cost-effective way to travel for business travelers that spend more than 35 hours in the air each year. The PlaneSense® program offers a variety of share sizes that can be tailored to fit individual needs. Unlike the everchanging costs associated with commercial business travel and charter flights, fractional ownership is predictable, providing corporations with a fixed cost they can factor into budget forecasts.

With fractional aircraft ownership, business owners can skip the hassle of commercial travel and experience the luxury of private flight at a fraction of the cost. The PlaneSense® program provides corporate travelers the ability to maximize efficiency with customized solution tailored to their needs. To learn more about the PlaneSense® advantage for business travel, call 866-214-1212 or email

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